Programs for Kids

COVID 19 Notice:

Due to COVID-19, the kids program is on hold for now as we figure out how to hold classes safely.

Aikido is a unique art that teaches children self-defense in a non-aggressive and non-violent manner. There is no wild kicking or punching. It does not rely on a child’s strength or size for effectiveness. Aikido is a practical form of self-defense that promotes agility, strength, and flexibility, which will help a child in all other sports-related activities.

Aikido’s non-competitive learning system allows children to progress at their own pace while developing physical fitness, a cooperative nature, self-discipline, self-esteem, confidence, and concentration. Aikido is taught in a “one room schoolhouse” manner. Senior students help guide new members through warm-ups and tumbling drills while demonstrating proper etiquette and manners.

The children’s program is designed to stimulate the developmental process using exercises designed to increase balance and coordination, visual attention, deeper respiration, and spatial awareness.

These exercises have also been shown to increase alertness, focus and concentration, listening and reading comprehension, memory and creative thought processes, as well as critical judgment, perception, and self-expression.

Aikido techniques, Japanese words, etiquette, stretching, meditation, and movement games are incorporated into an interesting and exciting curriculum.

Beginning Kids (all ages)

The emphasis is on basic movements, vocabulary, etiquette and discipline in a fun, playful environment. We encourage all kids to start our kids program with this class.

Intermediate Kids (minimum age 7, plus additional requirements)

In the Intermediate Kids Class, the emphasis is on beginning techniques and ukemi (falling and rolling). Kids in this class must be at least 7 years old, have a white belt with blue stripe and have the approval of the instructors and their parent(s).

Advanced Kids (minimum age 8, plus additional requirements)

In the Advanced Kids Class, kids learn more complicated Aikido techniques. Kids in this class must be at least 8 years old, have a yellow belt and have the approval of the instructors and their parent(s).

Teens who train at Aikido of Santa Barbara may qualify for physical education credit from the Santa Barbara School District.