Programs for Adults

Aikido is a practical form of self-defense that promotes agility, strength, and flexibility, which will help a in all other sports-related activities.

Adult students enjoy many benefits of Aikido including increased and sustained health and vitality, mental clarity and a sense of peace that they can carry with them throughout the day. Upper level students enhance their understanding of Aikido through sharing it with others.

This allows them a different perspective of the techniques that they have learned and serves to solidify their own understanding of them. The experience of teaching also develops self-confidence and leadership skills.


Students are introduced to Aikido through demonstration and application. During the very first class simple stretching and movement techniques are encountered. Development depends on each individual student, with a one-room schoolhouse manner of teaching allowing maximum mutual benefit throughout the class.


Aikido becomes more aerobic with increased immersion. As students progress, their experience is utilized and polished through interaction in class. Several advanced classes allow for high-level development of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Aikido.