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Sensei Chris Wong

Sensei Chris Wong is the Chief Instructor of Aikido of Santa Barbara.
She is a 5th dan and a Shidoin (certified teacher). She started Aikido in
1985 under the late Kensho Furuya. She studied under the late Mitsunari
Kanai Shihan and Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan. After moving to Santa
Barbara in 1998, she studied with the founders of Aikido of Santa Barbara,
Geraldine Tremblay and Bill Staub.

She continues to study under Yamada Shihan and attends seminars
throughout the world.


Arturo Peal

Arturo Peal is in charge of Aikido of Santa Barbara’s children’s program
and a senior instructor.

Arturo began studying Aikido in 1984 in Seattle. He began teaching kids in
1987 and ran the Aikido program at the Seattle School of Aikido. He holds
a third degree black belt in Aikido from Yamada Shihan.

He also practices Craniosacral Therapy and teaches Therapeutic Yoga.

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